150th Anniversary service

03 Jun

Tonight I attended a special regional service thanking God for our denomination being in existence for 150 years. It was a good thing to do. It was good worship, a good word was heard, and good reunion-type fellowship was had afterwards. The singing was especially powerful, with songs well chosen for the crowd that was there, which was predominantly near 50’s folks and 65-and-over folks, with a very small proportion of children (most of them probably from the grade 4 choir that sang, and a handful of teens or young adults.

It was a sign of something that the song which had most potential to blow the roof off — Days of Elijah — seemed to be the least familiar, or had the least powerful participation. What struck me during other songs, which clearly had worship power in the singing of them, was that some of the hand raising and clapping (very little of that still) which happened would have had the founders of 150 years ago starting another new denomination.

All in all it was good for us to come together in praise of God and to foster a sense of being part of something bigger that has been around for 150 years and hopes for another century or two.

I raised my communion cup to the call to turn anew to Jesus so we can thrive and not merely survive. Hear, hear, and Amen!


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